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Insulation is all about precision! A poorly insulated environment can bring you many disadvantages:

Fortunately, sprayed urethane is the ideal prevention solution! Stretch foam with waterproof properties, here are 4 advantages of this insulation! 

1 – Multiple application: Urethane is a sprayed stretch foam, which is very quick to install. Perfectly adapting to building materials, take advantage of a multitude of possible applications, from basement to roofing! 

2 – Protection against infiltration: Once vaporized, the sprayed urethane expands to cover all surfaces. Cracks and other voids will disappear evenly, preventing infiltration and heat loss! 

3 – A durable seal: In addition to leaving no joints, the properties of sprayed urethane are preserved in the long term. Save yourself avoidable problems with a durable seal!

4 – Better energy efficiency: Sprayed urethane has one of the highest energy resistances on the market! (R-value between R-6 and R-7). Reducing energy consumption in the long run & helping you save on your electricity bills! 

Foratech Isolation offers strategic support for sprayed urethane. Call upon our dynamic team to insure the success of your projects!