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With the arrival of July comes the moving period. Leases expire, houses sell, and people change homes, ready to begin the next chapter of their lives. For those who are making renovations to their newly acquired home, a risk may present itself: asbestos.

What is asbestos?

Referring to any fibrous mineral, asbestos is a good thermal insulator, so good in fact that it was used between the 1930s and 1990s in Quebec in many commercial and residential buildings. Flexible and durable, it was incorporated into a multitude of building products: underfloor membranes, putty around windows, linoleum sheets, insulation on pipes and many others.

However, asbestos is very harmful to health when fibers end up in the air and breathing them in can lead to serious long-term health consequences. Asbestosis is the most common complication of too much exposure to asbestos . It is characterized by the appearance of scars in the lungs, hardening the alveoli (small air sacs at the end of the airways) and shortness of breath. These diseases can take several decades to appear, making them very sneaky.

Vermiculite: Should we be worried?

A typical example of asbestos used in older buildings is in the form of vermiculite. These granules were used in particular to insulate the attics of houses, and contain asbestos fibers. Vermiculite is extremely dangerous to handle, so much so that the Quebec government strongly advises against trying to remove it yourself.

That’s why, if you have them, you need to call on professionals to take care of the decontamination of your new property. Look no further! Foratech Isolation now offers an asbestos decontamination service! Our team of professionals will take care of it efficiently, so that you can enjoy your new acquisition without risks and worries!

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