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Having significant heat loss that persists too long in your home is a situation that can be expensive. So how do you limit heat loss in a home? 

Heat loss okay… But where? 

Before you can tackle heat loss, you must first know where these losses come from to locate the problem at the source! There are several key places in a home through which heat (or coolness) escapes, as listed by RénoAssistance

Doors and windows (28.5% of losses)

Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones can help you limit a good proportion of your heat loss, in addition to having beautiful new windows! You just need to know if it’s time to replace your windows.

Air leakage (27.5% of losses)

Air leaks can be anywhere in the house. Whether it’s a garage door that closes badly, a poorly caulked door, or poorly insulated window frames, an air leak will literally suck your warm (or cool) air outwards.

Poorly insulated basement (21.5% of losses)

We often tend to put the basement quite far in our list of priorities, preferring to focus on the other floors of the house before finishing this one. However, a poorly insulated basement will contribute to significant heat loss and will cost you dearly in the long run.

Above-ground walls (14.5% of losses)

“Above-ground walls” mean all the walls between the basement and the roof. These walls are composed of different layers of insulation that all help to insulate the house and thus allow you to enjoy the comfort of your home. If these layers are not effective, heat loss will occur at this level.

Attic (8% of losses)

The heat rises, and if your attic is poorly insulated, it will escape through the roof. In addition, in winter, it can cause condensation, leading to mold.

So how do we limit heat loss?

It can be concluded that for the vast majority (72.5%) of heat losses in a house, the same solution applies:


Having your home insulated by certified professionals will not only improve your comfort, but also reduce your heating and cooling bill!

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